At The Exchange, Laser and Esthetics shop – we understand that laser services can be very costly and at most times unaffordable.  Well – good news! We have changed that for Manitoba. Our costs are comparable to waxing, and as always with laser treatments…results are permanent!

At The Exchange we charge by time – not treatment area. This way our clients have the ability to cover more areas and more concerns in the time frame they chose to purchase. After all, it doesn’t cost us more to switch treatments. So why would we charge more?  See services to see what combination we can do you for you help you achieve all your esthetic goals.

Packages may be purchased for 15% off. 4 or more sessions required as min. purchase.


Laser Hair removal

Permanently reduces unwanted hair $60 per 15 minutes

Skin Rejuvenation (Photo   Facial)

 Increases collagen in skin. Reduces wrinkles, minimizes pores, and tightens all around skin appearance $75 per 15 minutes

Vascular Correction, spider  vein removal

Corrects and destroys Vascular Lesions $75 per 15 minutes

Pigmented Lesions

Corrects sun/age spots, birth marks and evens skin tone $75 per 15 minutes. Includes neck and chest.

Acne Therapy

Destroys acne bacteria beneath the skins surface,  evens skin tone. Results last 3 to 5 years. 3 to 6 treatments required. 6 treatment guarantee. $75 per 15 minutes

Mix and Match IPL Correction Facial

A customized combination of all IPL Laser treatments to help correct specific concerns. From pigment spots, acne therapy, hair removal & collagen boosting. We do the face and neck and use all of the different treatments where needed.  The ultimate targeted treatment. $75 per 15 minutes includes neck & chest

AFA lunch time peel

Suitable for people on the go.   However just as effective as the full length chemical peel that we’re all used to. Corrects sun damage, minimizes fine lines and corrects overall skin appearance. $60 per treatment


An abrasive exfoliation treatment. Minimizes pores, fine lines and scarring. $45 per 15 minutes

Laser Teeth Whitening

Whitens and restores teeth (including crowns, dentures etc.) to natural brightness. 4 to 12 shades   lighter. $129 for 60 minutes

EMAIL FOR ESTIMATED TIME ON COMBINING BODY PARTS. (example: Brazilian & Underarms may be done in the 15 minute time slot)