Acne Treatment

Our IPL acne photo-therapy is a revolutionary treatment that can clear moderate inflammatory acne without any side effects. It works by actually damaging the sebaceous gland, so it is unable to produce bacteria. Unless hormonal changes occur.

Much like Laser Hair Removal, this treatment damages the initial culprit that produces the unwanted that extends to the epidermis.

Moreover, this cure helps improve the appearance of acne scars for the light energy delivered through your skins surface stimulates the production of new collagen beneath the scars. This treatment works well on all skin types (colours) and can treat any area of the body.

From owners experience and years and years of suffering with Acne, every option attempted and coming with proven results… we confidently can say that this treatment is like no other. No need for antibiotics, topical creams (are optional) and dietary changes.

Treatments are done at 2 week intervals, generally anywhere from 3 to 8 are required. We will do an 8 treatment guarantee, anything over 8 treatments will be covered. Some people may need more, and you shouldn’t have to pay for that.

We got you! Thats a promise

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