Vascular Correction Treatment

(spider veins, red blood vessels on face age spots, dark spots, acne scarring discoloration)

We are all made up of millions of veins within our bodies, and as with age and just life in general there are circumstances when they become apparent. At The Exchange Laser and Esthetics shop we offer treatment for these problem areas (and make it affordable too!) With this vascular correction treatment an IPL (intense pulse laser) is safely used to correct the pigment of the area. Generally only a few treatments are required. Once corrected, they same area that was treated will never come back. However new formations may appear over time (in different areas).

The sun, age, elements and life’s events at times leave us with discoloration or spots that we find are not aesthetically pleasing. We offer a correction of the skin’s pigmentation which leaves your skin’s tone event and flawless! This does not only have to be done on the face, however wherever the client feels they require the treatment.

Before & After Images – Vascular Correction Treatment

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